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Children Embracing in Circle

How to


We invite you to join us in achieving our mission! We welcome volunteers for events, planning other needed areas. We understand not everyone has the time to volunteer, so we welcome any donations that will go toward achieving our goals even faster! Donations will be used for our youth programs, trips, outings, feeding kids while in group sessions/discussions, marketing, transportation and special speakers when hired to lend a hand. Help spread the word by proudly wearing our apparel, join us at BOAR and SOAR events, become a BOAR/SOAR member, volunteering with BOAR/SOAR and most importantly spreading the word that we are "United As One Race....The Human Race!

Family Moments

You instantly make a difference when you speak up or show your support!

Take Pride in Healing a Nation!!!

Giving with your heart is what matters...every penny is appreciated more than you know!

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