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Changing the World

Our mission is to bring people of all races together. We are here to unite the world with a method that is simple and straight forward! When people form friendships and bonds at any age, they form their own opinions and forget what others tell them. We bring people together! We start with our younger population, help them with introductions to others that they would normally not meet, we mentor the younger adults introducing them to community leaders and even help adults bridge the gap, understand one another and form life long friendships.

Children in Library

While Others Divide....We Unite!!!

Making a difference

United As One Race...The Human Race

For youth who are reaching the age where they need to start planning their next steps in life (trade schools, college or straight into the work-force) we not only continue to cultivate these friendships through virtual meetings, events and outings but also facilitate meaningful connections between the community's employers and leaders to introduce them to occupations out in the world that they might never know about otherwise. We facilitate tours of businesses with those business owners help and the help of their staff. With the blessing of those business owners and their staff, we ask that they offer occasional mentorship along their path throughout their education and eventually into the workforce. We help form connections between these kids and those businesses to build confidence in these young members, show them that they are needed, valuable and wanted in the world!  We help form a mutually beneficial relationship that may someday land them a career at these businesses or in that field. These experiences not only give them direction and confidence, but also future business references and a connection that otherwise could never be made with these amazing corporate volunteers and mentors! Together we will show the world that we are "United As One Race....The Human Race"

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