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Our Team


Aaron MacDonald


Aaron was born in Grand Rapids Michigan, attending GRCC and then graduating from Grand Valley State University, He has his years living in West Michigan, working in a few different industries and starting a couple small businesses. He has a passion taking action and making a difference where it is needed. He has volunteered countless hours helping others hoping to make a difference instead of accepting how things are when things need to change.


"I know that for every problem out there, there's a solution. What we've been doing today isn't working. I think Mike and I have found something that will work and bring people together. This world has given voice to far too many divisive people and groups undermining what the world needs.  We hope others will show support and we dream of seeing our symbols of unity (our logos) proudly worn on shirts, hats and even displayed on public doors with stickers. It will be such a powerful signal to others to show the world that there are more of us who want unity and doing their part to end division!"

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